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Daddy’s Girl 

Written by Stephanie Smith
Diane Dyer’s class
English Honors III
Flagler Palm Coast High School

Steph & Dad - Nov, 2000

My relationship with my father is like the ocean;
Just like the waves, our emotions are in constant motion.
I know that I hold a special place in his heart,
Because of this I know that we will never part. 

Sometimes I wonder if he cares.
But with me he always shares,
His everlasting love and trust.
I love him so much my heart is going to bust.

I know that at times my heart seems to be made of stone.
He notices this and chooses to leave me alone.
I with that I did not act that way.
But someday I will regret it and have to pay.

 He is my father, mentor and friend.
Much more time with him I should spend.
But for now I should say, “I love you dad.”
For a better father I could not have had.